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  1. Radix24

    Radix24 New Member

    There is a slingshot description on the forum, so I would assume archery is somewhat related to this forum. Well, I only started last year and I still need practice. I can only shoot accurately up to 8 meters. I still have to get my muscle memory down, but I think I am doing well.

    I long to get back to the range, but I need money to get back there. Still swamped with bills and all.

    Here is a sample shot of mine. It would be interesting t discuss this with everyone here! XD

  2. ddr6

    ddr6 New Member

    What equipment are you using? I used to be interested in archery and had a compound bow that I just recently sold. Also how far away are you standing from the target?
  3. Radix24

    Radix24 New Member

    I used a recurve bow, the picture was around 8 meters, so it is a low poundage bow. I only clocked in a maximum of 20 hours on training and need more time to be consistent on my firing form.
  4. ddr6

    ddr6 New Member

    Judging by the pictures you uploaded your firing form is pretty good. Are you learning archery to hunt or just for fun? What poundage bow are using?
  5. JoshSmith100

    JoshSmith100 New Member

    Ive done archery a few times a few years back, man its alot harder than it looks. The last time I went I got pretty frustrated and haven't went since.
  6. wahmed

    wahmed New Member

    That looks so cool. Good on you for doing it. I really really want to try but im too scared. Heres to hoping i can face my fears

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