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Project History and Initial Build Part 2.

By February 28, 2017January 7th, 2023One Comment

So- after part 1, the truck sat around for a few years as I toured the US working on various contracts. After arriving back in my home state a few years later, I started the next phase of the project…. Stripping everything down, and starting from scratch.

My factory wiring harness was a bit of a mess, and included a lot of functionality that I did not require from the project. In hindsight, I wish I would have retained a lot of the factory harness, especially around the ABS system and BCM.
The engine bay was gutted out. Anything that was non-essential was removed.
I wanted to have a “Racecar” vibe when I drove around in this truck. To get closer to the final feel, I felt it was necessary to gut the entire interior.
Lastly- The ProCharger P1SC would not be able to meet my intended power goals. (1,000 flywheel hp). It was sold to somebody locally.

After sitting for another year or two- I contracted with to perform a bit of work to assist me in getting the project up and going again.

GTX4202R turbo to replace the P1SC. It should provide enough air to meet the desired HP goals.
Hot side mounted, and a new Holley Hi-Ram mounted.
View from the front.

Since, the factory fuel system would have no hope at all of supporting my horsepower goals, a complete fuel system was provisioned.

Holley 12-1800 fuel pump. (Don’t use for street-driving in warm climates!!!!!!!!!) More about this in a later post.
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
New intercooler installed
Work on the cold side.
With the hood closed.

Not pictured- The factory 10-bolt was replaced with a 14-bolt semi-floating rear end, equipped with a locker, out of a 90s chevy pickup.

At this point, the truck was brought back to my garage, which was ready to accept the new project.

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