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Cast aluminum alternator bracket repair

By May 30, 2018January 7th, 2023No Comments

Today’s project was to see if I could successfully repair a busted bolt-hole on my alternator bracket. A bolt which was too long broke it.

The engine looks so much cleaner without the alternator bracket attached.
Here is the problem I need to resolve.
I threaded in a bolt with the proper thread pattern, and started welding around it. I maintained a very hot puddle in an attempt to get the aluminum to flow into the nooks and cracks.
After welding, I did a bit of grinding, and unscrewed the bolt. It Looks good.
Another angle.

In hindsight, the best way to accomplish this repair would had been to completely weld up the affected area, and to re-drill and re-tap the hole.

However- to also add- this repair has held up with no issues at all.