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Attempted throttle cable bracket fabrication

By June 6, 2018January 7th, 2023No Comments

I am going to assume nobody has noticed in the previous posts and videos….. The gas pedal was not connected or functional.

Up until this time- I have been controller the throttle via a cable ran through the firewall. While the truck was still down waiting on a new driveshaft- I figured this would be the best time to address this issue.

I was not happy with the appearance of Holley’s brackets- So- I decided to attempt to fabricate my own.

I started with 1/2″ bar stock, and drilled holes to match the mounting bosses on the intake.

Testing to ensure the metal fits properly.
For the main “body”, I used 1/2″ steel tubing.
I cut end-caps for the tubing out of bar-stock, and also cut a second piece of bar-stock to thicken up the main mounting location.
I welded the two pieces together, to make a single, thicker piece.
I welded the mounting piece, to the “main body”
Once again, testing the fit and clearance. The black cable is my ghetto throttle cable.
Final image. However- I still didn’t have a cable-driven throttle pedal, as my factory pedal is drive by wire.

To rectify not having a compatible throttle pedal- I needed to acquire or build one… See next post (Converting DBW pedal to DBC)

One Year Later……….

While my bracket did serve its purpose, and worked with no issues…. Motion raceworks had a sale on the Lokar bracket, which looked amazing compared to mine.

So- I purchased the Lokar bracket.

Side view of completed product.
Front view of completed product.