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Dash Fabrication – Part 2

By March 11, 2019January 7th, 2023One Comment

It is time to make the dash functional, and attractive!
note- Attractive happens in part 3.

If you missed part one, Please go here:

Ordered new parts to support the current project. A few of the new holley EFI gauges, a hole-saw, and random fuel fittings.
I started measuring and drawing to try and get a good feel for how to design the layout.
Gauges added for testing the look and feel.
Checking the overall fit, feel, and looking for any clearance issues. I also mounted my old autometer tachometer.
Later, I came back and drill a few holes to allow for some toggle switches.. These will eventually be used for turning on the headlights, and dash lights.

Fast forward to Mar 18th….

I did acquire a new crimping tool to allow me to make higher quality crimps. However- I still also solder all of the connections as well.
Here is the initial mess of wiring for the dash lighting and function. Since all of the gauges share a single connection to the Holley EFI system, this simplified wiring. Note- The dash connects to the truck via molex connector. This allows it to be quickly removed.
Testing dash power, and lighting on the workbench.

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