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Catch Can Install

By March 14, 2019January 7th, 2023No Comments

So, while I am waiting to put the transmission back in, I have been taking care of a few odds and ends.

Tonight, I worked on redoing the pcv system, and installing a catch can. lets get started!

A piece of tig filler wire greatly helps when routing tube, especially if it came off of a roll.

For a vacuum source, my best option was to tap into the air filter, as anything past the turbo is pressurized. However, since the cap of my air filter is rubber, I needed a pretty robust solution to ensure nothing can get sucked into the turbo.

I used the 2 1/16th blanks from drilling the dash, and drilled the center hole out to 5/8″. This should do a very good job of keeping the bulkhead securely attached to the air filter.
Inside the air filter.
Outside of the air filter.
I searched around the engine bay for a good location to mount the catch can. This spot seemed to be the best choice, as it didn’t require me to go over or under the hotside. As well, it didn’t require me to modify the catch can’s mounting system.
Air filter to catch can routing. I made the hose a bit longer, to hopefully prevent kinking.
A 3/8″ tee was used to bridge both sides together.

That’s it for the budget catch-can install. After 6 months- I have not seen a lot of benefits from this system. However- maybe I need to drive the truck more often.