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    Are UFO's Real?

    Aliens are a possibility. It would be a waste of space to create such a vast universe with only one planet with life. I can think Drake's Equation and stuff like this. By virtue of semantic, UFO can be anything unidentified and flying. However, I will stick to the notion that UFOs are...
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    Life is Strange

    I have seen glimpses through YouTube Let's Plays and I am intrigued at this game. I might not buy it yet, but it is certainly in my list. I have to clear my steam backlog first. The time manipulation mechanic is interesting. Since I deeply love time travel and the sort, I am definitely...
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    Local Ragnarok Server Will Close March 31- Philippines

    Runescape is still alive? That browser based game with rather bland graphics, but interesting gameplay (for its time). It has been years! I touched that last when I was in High School. There is a community there still? Interesting. How do they maintain their servers? I know Diablo II...
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    Clash of Consoles is Pointless?

    PC MASTER RACE! Lol, just kidding. All in all, I believe that you are right. There is no real need to compare the two consoles and fight over it. The mode people should adopt is to just enjoy the game. We are gamers after all. However, the root of the two camps fighting has something to do...
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    Do You Prefer To Use A Computer Program Or Pencil And Paper

    It really does make t easy to add the layers. I might start it off as sketches on paper, then copy the rough sketch onto Photoshop. Using the pen tool and various shape presets, I then put my logo to "life" on my screen. Need some more pointers on using colors properly. That is on of my...
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    I have seen some reviews on this game. One of the possibility is that the game might get boring quickly. The fact that the monster needs to level up might take out the fast pace people are looking for in a game. However, stealth could be a good thing if the game applies it well. If the...
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    Have You Hunted Before?

    What kind of bow? I do not know much about hunting bows. I am eyeing a recurve, but it is for competition. Olympic recurves are too noisy for hunting. Hunting is needed for survival if you are out in the woods and maybe get lost...or want to have some adventure. I only fished once, but it...
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    Which Consoles Do You Currently Own That Still Work?

    We had a PS1, PS2, Sega Genesis, and a Family Computer. The Sega and the PS2 still works. I have to lay the other consoles to rest. Most of my childhood was spent on the PS1. I recall the times when my mother got angry at me when I played too much. My usual reply was...let me save! I do...
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    Does Anyone Play Magic: The Gathering?

    I was a gullible lad. There was this rumor that if you play Magci: The Gathering, your soul will get sucked into the cards. I honestly believed that rumor and stayed away from that. It is only right now that I started to play it. I do not have a lot of cards, and the deck that I have is...
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    Do You Prefer To Use A Computer Program Or Pencil And Paper

    It has been a long time since I last drew something. Anyway, for character creation or backgrounds, I use traditional means. I stick with pencils. I am more fond of using pencils since I can correct my mistakes in relation to a pen. That is why I sometimes dread the inking process. For...
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    Are You Fond Of Horror Games?

    I want to ask this question. Why are some people loving Horror Games? Is it the adrenaline rush? The sudden scare? Is it the environment or the immersion? What makes a Horror game great? For me, I am not fond of Horror Games. I get spooked too easily at times and I do not thing my heart...
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    Have You Hunted Before?

    I remember the first time I went out hunting with my father and his friends. I was still in grade school. We went to a recreation area. We hunted birds with rifles. That was the first time I held a weapon. I fired a rifle. I forgot what rifle it was, but it only had an iron sight. I fired...
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    What do you do while gaming?

    I completely immerse on the game when I am playing it. I turn off all the distractions in front of me while the game is in session, especially if it is an online game. However, once the game enters a loading screen, I grab a sandwich or check my email. If it takes too long (match making), I...
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    I used a recurve bow, the picture was around 8 meters, so it is a low poundage bow. I only clocked in a maximum of 20 hours on training and need more time to be consistent on my firing form.
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    There is a slingshot description on the forum, so I would assume archery is somewhat related to this forum. Well, I only started last year and I still need practice. I can only shoot accurately up to 8 meters. I still have to get my muscle memory down, but I think I am doing well. I long to...