Hustle Castle - Dispute Over Gambling


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Part 1, Create a ticket in-game.

So, I have been playing hustle castle for over a year. I would say I am a pretty decent player...

But- I am getting fed up with the cash grab gambling games my keeps coming out with, So, I decided to open a dispute, and initiate a review with google play regarding their policies.

FIRST, I opened a ticket with the in-game support.


As expected, they provided a generic copy/paste response back to me.


So, I kindly let them know the definition of gambling, and Google play store's policy on gambling.



To which, they provided yet another generic response.


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Part 2, Contact Google.

I contacted google, via this link: Sign in - Google Accounts

After 2 minutes, I received a phone call, and explained the situation. After around 40 minutes on the phone, she, and her management agreed it was a clear violation of the google store TOS.

Here is the policy, for this interested: Gambling | Restricted Content - Developer Policy Center

In an email, I provided the above screenshot, as well as these additional screenshots, with descriptions.

Screenshot 1: Purchasing in-game currency with real money.

Screenshot 2: Using Currency, purchased with real money, to gamble on a chance of winning a product.

Screenshot 3: The ability to spin a in-game gambling wheel, using currency purchased with real money, to take a chance of winning a product.

With this evidence submitted, my case was escalated to the next higher level to be dealt with. I will reply the results here when available.