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Hello Gamers:

I have posted in forums off and on again over the years, not truly grasping all the content I can add to my posts to make them really shine. So my question is this: I know its going to seem silly, but I am having a hard time learning how to embed media from lets say Youtube. I get the embed code, click on the media box then post my code right?

I tried several other ways to figure it out on my own so I would not seem like such a noob but alas, I am here asking anyway lol. One of the main reasons I want to figure stuff like this out is because here in the gaming forums I want to open a post about "Favorite Video Game Music" and I found a lot of fun content to add but cannot figure it out.

Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance.

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Use the Media tags.

Or click the button that says Media (looks like a film strip)