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LS Alternator Cable


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Since, I removed the factory PCM, and wiring harness from the truck, I needed to create a method for enabling the alternator.

Here is the 4-pin plug's pinout.


For the purpose of turning the alternator on, only a single wire needs to be ran.

Required parts to complete this:
  1. 1x 470 ohm resistor.
  2. 1x Metri-pack 150 series 4-way connector -> Amazon.com: Delphi Metri-Pack 150 Series 4-Way Connector w/16-18 AWG Sealed Waterproof Set: Automotive
  3. Reasonably thick gauge cable for alternator to charge battery.
  4. Heat shrink, protective loom, misc parts.

First, here is the resistor soldered to one of the metri-pack pins.


Next- I wrapped the resistor and connector in heat-shrink tubing to protect it, and inserted the assembly into the WRONG PIN on the connector.


With the connector cover installed, and the wire still connected to the WRONG PIN!!!!


Here is my charge cable, with a connector soldered on.


I put everything together, in a piece of loom.


After that, it was installed on the vehicle.

To note- these images reflect the wrong socket to install the resistor to!