O2Jam For Android


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When it was still online, I spent hours upon hours playing 02Jam. The servers have closed since then and my copy of its offline version is lost. Now, it has its mobile version. When I saw this in google Play store, I downloaded it immediately. It was a nostalgia trip. I am playing my favorite songs in it. Too bad I can only play it when internet is activated. Which means, I cannot play it in places with no Wi-fi. Bummer.

Anyone has this too?


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I only played an "offline" version of O2Jam called O2Mania. I do not know if it is available for android but it is worth giving a try. O2Mania is a bit fiddly though since a translation patch to English is needed but for its emulation of O2Jam (as well as other games of the genre), it may be worth checking out.


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I generally don't mind these types of music games, seeing as I love music so much and I am a musician. Some of them can be a lot of fun and are quite addictive. However, I can already play lots of the songs on guitar or piano so when I'm playing games like guitar hero I just think what's the point? I can already play this for real anyway!


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Really O2 Jam? Ah too bad I'm not much for phones or ipads or tablets. I'm happy with my lappy and desktop though I would definitely love to try 02Jam on Android. Darn I used to love that game a lot. I might give it a try on my phone. Doesn't the game lag? I mean its all about the reflexes with that game. If your phone lags, its a few points shaved off your score.