Should marijuana be legal?


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I was reading a thread about how marijuana has become legal in DC. I know it's also legal in California.

So is this a good thing?

Should it be legal in all states?

What are the pros and cons of making marijuana legal?


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Mexican drug cartels lose money to pot grown in the USA.
Half of our prison population can be released.
I can quit hearing about home invasions conducted by the police to find 2 ounces of pot.
Its safer than alcohol.



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if something is harmful is alcohol can be legal but something as non-harmful as marijuana is illegal yet the start thinking about the idea of something going on behind the scenes that's a little nefarious. Obviously someone is making money off of this drug that's high up. And if it's not someone it's the entire government itself.


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I don't smoke cigarettes or smoke weed whatsoever. But a few of my mates said that it would be great if it was legal, this is because it kills less people than cigarettes and alcohol. So have a substitute for those two would be good.


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Its safer than alcohol.
This is one thing that I've never properly understood. Why the heck is alcohol legal while marijuana illegal (in most places)? This makes no sense to me. Like you said weed isn't as intoxicating or dangerous as alcohol.

LOL this cracked me up.

I guess the only cons would be that it would become more widely used. Maybe not by much but making it legal would probably increase the use of it since it's easier to access.