uTorrent is mining bitcoins...... on your computer!


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You mean to say that uTorrent are using their software, which is downloaded on to people's computers at home, to use the end-user's computer power to mine bit-coins to keep for themselves? Wow! Is that illegal? Or against the bit-coin terms and conditions or something? You would think so wouldn't you, maybe it's encouraged, I don't know. I'm assuming people can't actually see this happening or knowing how much their computer has generated.


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That's pretty scumbaggy of them. It's one thing to put on ads and whatnot, but to use people's computers to mine bitcoins? :/


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I think it is an opt-out 'feature' in the latest update. to be clear, the idea is that it would use your spare cpu 'idle' time to mine coins on the cpu (which is virtually unheard of anymore since gpus and asics). This isn't the first time I've seen it though unfortunately. FOG does it too as of several months ago. but it was atleast opt-in IIRC and only while any computer is imaging, not 24x7


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uTorrent's been crap ever since they started having ads in their interface. Now, I didn't mind the ads too much because I understand that they have to make money somehow, but THIS is downright unacceptable. I heard that even if you choose to opt out of the mining software, they STILL install it on some computers, which I think is illegal? I've now switched to qBittorrent and I'm really happy with it.