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ASP.NET Core – Links don’t work from office/word document to SSO site.

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Introduction Here is an unusual issue. You have a website. Its address is say… You email this link to somebody, and it works. You share this link in a…

Unraid Vs TrueNAS SCALE 2021

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Introduction Often, I see a bunch of posts where someone is having a tough time considering between Unraid, or TrueNAS. so, I am going to write a quick summary based…

MicrosoftIdentityWebChallengeUserException: IDW10502

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An MsalUiRequiredException was thrown due to a challenge for the user. See Introduction When I started using Blazor earlier this year, I would occasionally run into this exception. For…

Rack em up.

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Deploying a server rack to clean up my technology closet.