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  1. Eric

    Crickets are chirping.

    Crickets are chirping.
  2. Eric

    Splunk Splunk 7.2 Metrics Review - License/Disk Comparison

    After 10 minutes (not 30) of testing, here are the results. Total size on disk: disk_perfmon_metrics -- 0.14 MB disk_perfmon_mk -- 0.10 MB disk_perfmon_regular -- 0.20 MB Perfmon MK is the clear winner, with metrics in 2nd place by a healthy margin. License Utilization: As expected...
  3. Eric

    Splunk Splunk 7.2 Metrics Review - License/Disk Comparison

    So, three months ago, I had a hunch that metrics would result in significantly higher license utilization. My theory was posted to Reddit HERE: Since... Splunk 7.2 added numerous improvements to how metrics are handled and searched, Today, I am going to go through the process of testing...
  4. Eric

    Because, Racecar

    So, had an issue where the holley 12-1800 fuel pump died. I have started the process of switching everything over to an aeromotive eliminator. Here is a link to the sump install. Aluminum Fuel Cell Sump Install
  5. Eric

    Aluminum Fuel Cell Sump Install

    So, I needed to install a new sump and -12 AN fitting to my aluminum fuel cell. Parts list: Welding done.
  6. Eric

    Because, Racecar

    New Driveshaft Installed Comparison with old driveshaft: Pinion yoke comparison. I scuffed up the pinion threads when removing the old yoke. Had to run the threads through a die to clean them up. Installed
  7. Eric

    Issue Change logs, and releases moved to GITHUB

    Please visit XtremeOwnage/WarBot for future news, updates, releases, and issues.
  8. Eric

    Because, Racecar

    Been a while, but, the Gas pedal is finished. Acquired a new lokar throttle cable. In order to match the end, I took a old head bolt, and machined (grinded) it to properly interface with the cable. I then cut the old end off the pedal assembly, and tack welded the new piece, and beveled it to...
  9. Eric

    Updates Version 2.0

    Below updates are LIVE and in production, however, An update notification will not be sent out yet.... Until a significant new feature is added. New Commands: set war prep started {Message} Set a custom message for war prep started. set war prep ending {Message} Set a custom message for...
  10. Eric

    Updates Version 1.7

    New Features: New Commands (Server Admin) bot, clear messages - Delete all of the messages from the current channel. (Global Admin) bot, show guilds - Prints a list of all guilds, and member counts, who are using this bot. (Server Admin) bot, reset config - This will reset your settings to the...
  11. Eric

    Updates Version 1.4

    Features: 1. Better detection to locate a default channel to send messages to. Will automatically pick a random channel if default is not found. 2. Messages will work properly when you don't configure the roles. 3. The bot will handle events when you delete a channel, or a role, which is...
  12. Eric

    TEST Poll

    Vote for your gear below
  13. Eric

    Updates Version 1.2

    New Features 1. The bot will only send the "Officer" messages, IF, a separate officers channel is specified... Meaning, you will not see a duplicate message in the same channel. 2. Many of the messages and commands are now formatted much better. 3. Added command for bot to automatically set...
  14. Eric

    Updates Version 1.1

    New Features: 1. stats command - Will show the count of guilds using this bot, as well as the bots uptime, in seconds. 2. When updates are released, the bot will send a message to the officers channel, with the update details. A few random bug fixes: 1. When addressing the bot as bot...
  15. Eric

    Updates Version 1.0 Released

    The bot is used for hustle castle war reminders, and keeping track of a website, and/or loot thread if you have one. Notifications: Will send tag members, in configurable member's channel, when the war prep starts. Will tag members (In members channel), and leaders (in officers channel), 15...
  16. Eric

    Clan War / Gem / Portal Information

  17. Eric

    6/12 Loot Thread

    My List: Whichever comes first. 1. (EPIC) Serpent's Stare Ring. 2. (EPIC) Supreme Mystic Output. 3. (EPIC SHARDS) Purple Shards 4. (RARE SHARDS) Blue Shards. 5. (GEMS) GEMS
  18. Eric

    6/12 Loot Thread

    Post what you want here for hustle castle loot. Edit, distribution method and ranking method. 1. You will be ranked 0-100 for priority based on your participation. 40% of the score is from donations, 60% is from glory. So, to receive a 100, you must be top in both donations and glory. If you...
  19. Eric

    Arena Brackets

    Average of highest X warriors, where X is size of your barracks
  20. Eric

    Because, Racecar

    So, It is time to get a working gas pedal installed. I did look at putting a factory drive by cable gas pedal on the truck... But, after stopping by a Junkyard, and realizing I would have to remove the steering shaft, and quite a bit of other stuff to remove the pedal assembly from the truck, I...