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  1. Eric

    C# c# - Parse SCCM Schedules

    Ever ran a report against the vSMS_ServiceWindowtable of SCCM and realized the Schedules object was.... well, not very readable? Have no fear! Here is a c# solution. My solution is based off of this pseudocode: How to Configure Hardware Inventory Settings Here is the SQL Query I use: select...
  2. Eric

    Splunk Splunk - RGB Value Based on Percentage

    So- I had a need to calculate a RGB value based on the percentage total progress. Here is how I accomplished it. First, we need to calculate the percentage complete. Your implementation may vary. | eventstats count as total | streamstats count as pos | eval pct = ROUND(pos/total*100,0)...
  3. Eric

    Silverado dash fabrication project

    Update- The dash is installed and wired up. Here are some of the pictures from around a week ago. I Obtained a new crimping tool, which should make better crimps then I am currently doing. It looks promising. All of the connections are made through molex connectors. I wanted to be able to...
  4. Eric

    Because, Racecar

    Truck is up and running again. Went to fill up with gas and take a quick trip. Everything worked as it should, except I forgot to reconnect the wastegate.. oops. No smoke, no leaking oil, no trans issues... just smooth driving.
  5. Eric

    Because, Racecar

    Weekend update. 1. Had a fuel line catch on fire. Figured out the line may have gotten pinched by the body mount bushings. Replaced the line and improved the routing. 2. Transmission is reinstalled. 3. Replaced the rear main seal. To do: 1. Finish wiring up the dash, and lights. 2. Adjust...
  6. Eric

    LS Alternator Cable

    Since, I removed the factory PCM, and wiring harness from the truck, I needed to create a method for enabling the alternator. Here is the 4-pin plug's pinout. For the purpose of turning the alternator on, only a single wire needs to be ran. Required parts to complete this: 1x 470 ohm...
  7. Eric

    Aeromotive Eliminator Fuel Pump Install

    So far- this setup has been in place for a while, and I have had zero issues, even after driving this 60 miles round trip to work a few times. Just make sure the solid state relay is mounted where it can get fresh air! It gets hot.
  8. Eric

    Aeromotive Eliminator Fuel Pump Install

    For the PWM setup, I made a simple, stupid table in the holley EFI. Basically, under moderate throttle, or boost, the pump goes to 100%. For parts, You will need a solid state relay, and a flyback diode. The solid state relay is important- A normal relay isn't meant to switch a PWM...
  9. Eric

    Attempting to repair broken cast aluminum bracket

    In hindsight- it would have been 100x better to fully weld in the affected area, and to re-drill and re-tap the holes. But, the repair has held up quite well.
  10. Eric

    Holley Hi-Ram throttle bracket fabrication

    As an update to this- I ended up going with this bracket in the end: The end result is much better than I have the machinery to accomplish in my shop.
  11. Eric

    Because, Racecar

    Tonight's project was to install a functional catch can / pcv system. This should hopefully assist with not pushing oil out the rear main seal when I get everything put back together.
  12. Eric

    Catch Can Install

    So, while I am waiting to put the transmission back in, I have been taking care of a few odds and ends. Tonight, I worked on redoing the pcv system, and installing a catch can. lets get started! 1. A piece of tig filler wire greatly helps when routing tube, especially if it came off of a roll...
  13. Eric

    Because, Racecar

    I have started working on getting a basic, functional dash in place. While, I had pieces of it completed- it was missing gauges, lights, and instrumentation. I still need to do some wiring, and purchase a...
  14. Eric

    Silverado dash fabrication project

    Time to make the dash functional! Most of the parts ordered. I started my measuring the available room on the piece of metal, marking off bad areas, and calculating the center point. I then make rough estimations of where everything would be placed. After everything was marked, and...
  15. Eric

    Hustle Castle - Dispute Over Gambling

    Part 2, Contact Google. I contacted google, via this link: Sign in - Google Accounts After 2 minutes, I received a phone call, and explained the situation. After around 40 minutes on the phone, she, and her management agreed it was a clear violation of the google store TOS. Here is the...
  16. Eric

    Hustle Castle - Dispute Over Gambling

    Part 1, Create a ticket in-game. So, I have been playing hustle castle for over a year. I would say I am a pretty decent player... But- I am getting fed up with the cash grab gambling games my keeps coming out with, So, I decided to open a dispute, and initiate a review with google play...
  17. Eric

    Arena Brackets

    Haha. I went from the 55 bracket straight to 85 after they sent me a few offers. It took a few months to catch up.
  18. Eric

    Arena Brackets

    I couldn't say. They changed the arena brackets around in early december, a bit.
  19. Eric

    Crickets are chirping.

    Crickets are chirping.
  20. Eric

    Splunk Splunk 7.2 Metrics Review - License/Disk Comparison

    After 10 minutes (not 30) of testing, here are the results. Total size on disk: disk_perfmon_metrics -- 0.14 MB disk_perfmon_mk -- 0.10 MB disk_perfmon_regular -- 0.20 MB Perfmon MK is the clear winner, with metrics in 2nd place by a healthy margin. License Utilization: As expected...