6/12 Loot Thread

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Stormy Days(HC)
Post what you want here for hustle castle loot.

Edit, distribution method and ranking method.

1. You will be ranked 0-100 for priority based on your participation. 40% of the score is from donations, 60% is from glory.

So, to receive a 100, you must be top in both donations and glory.

If you max glory, but, no donations, you will only receive 60 out of 100.

Once you receive a piece of loot, 35 will be deducted from your score, to allow loot to be distributed to other players.

For all of the unaccounted loot, will be randomly distributed based on your remaining priority score.

Distribution will occur Thursday, and the scoring spreadsheet will be linked in this thread.

Priority Chart:

(Not yet added)

Loot Distribution Methods:
Clan War Loot Distribution Methods

(Will be updated sometime before Wednesday.)
(Distributions will occur Thursday.)

----Post Format------

You must specify a priority with your request. If you do not specify a priority, it will be listed as your highest priority item.

You MAY have multiple requests with the same priority.

However, all Priority 1 requests, will be processed before Priority 2 requests, etc.

How priority works:

Say... We have 3 pieces of loot.
1x legendary
2x gem bags
2x arena tickets

Player 1 says:
I want gem bags priority 1,
legendary priority 2.

Player 2 says:
I want legendary priority 1,
gems priority 2.

Player 1 will receive the gems, and will not have a chance at the legendary, assuming player 2 has enough points to purchase it.
Player 2, will receive the legendary, and will have a chance at gems, assuming he has enough score to "buy" them.

Don't like it? Blame Mcuage!


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Stormy Days(HC)
My List:

Whichever comes first.
1. (EPIC) Serpent's Stare Ring.
2. (EPIC) Supreme Mystic Output.
3. (EPIC SHARDS) Purple Shards
4. (RARE SHARDS) Blue Shards.


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Nice job all! Zed would be ecstatic to get....
1. Epic - supreme mage outfit
2. Any rare items lvl 55 or less
3. Shards any


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Stormy Days(HC)
WahLee would like the following:
1. Glorious Hero Plate Mail
2. Arena tickets
3. Great hero plate mail
4. Gems or shards
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SampleMyGravy would like


Lord Gravy would like:

Legendary Lime yogurt (1)
Epic Lemon yogurt (2)
A stay in the finest rubber room (3)


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Stormy Days(HC)
Hi all
I will try these
1. Legendary amulet
2. Epic armor level 52
3. Purple shards, blue shards
4. Gems, tickets


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Stormy Days(HC)
Stormy Days (BB)
1.ledgendary mage outfit
2.hungry berry talisman
3. astral light amulet
4. Epic shards
5. Arena ticketz
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