Battery saving apps

What are your thoughts abou those battery saving apps? Do you think they are useless? Or they really can be helpful? I remember installing some of them for a short time, but I wasn't impressed.
Yea, I remember installing this app and I can say that it proved to be pretty efficient, probably in my Top 3 battery saving apps that I've tried.


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I think I must have tried every battery saving app on the app store in the hope of getting even at least a tiny bit more time out of mny battery on this HTC phone, sadly, from my experience i have to say that most of them don't work, and they also come with that much bloatware they probably do the exact opposite of what theyre suposed to and may even decrease the life of your battery.
If anybody DOES have an app that they can prove to me works then i'd be more than happy to install it and have a go...