Bike vs Car debate...


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Anybody else on here ride a motorbike?
Having a car aswell as a motorbike, I have to admit that my preference will always be the motorbike. Having a car is purely just a means of transport and a way to get around where as the bike is more a way of life...


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Im sorry, but bikes scare the bigebrrs out of me. i know that cars are dangerous to but youre protected. you have doors and airbags, but with a bike youre left in the open to just injure yourself


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I have a Harley,
a 4wd diesel truck,
a pontiac g6,
and the "Rack Truck"

All depends on the weather.
Warm weather calls for the Harley. Bad weather calls for the diesel.
Meh/Cold weather calls for the race-car.

High gas prices and cold/meh weather calls for the g6.