Playstation 1 Chrono Cross

This one was one of my all time favorite games in the PS1. I played through it twice and finished it both times. The environment was awesome and the soundtrack complemented the designs. Music added to the ambiance. I played this before Chrono Trigger though. So, parts of the story was still new to me when I first played it. Definitely one to relive. Too bad my PS1 have seen better days.
I loved Chrono Trigger, so I popped it in hoping for connections links, anything. What I got instead was weird (elemental system) and unique and fresh game-play with the old lore and mystery. I liked it. I devoured it. It also hurts at the one point seeing Schala. Knowing she's still saving people even while being afflicted with Lavos. The whole plot and story is sad and tragic but so well planned.
The whole plot and story is sad and tragic but so well planned.
Yeah. I had to play it a few times in order to understand the plot and story. I uncovered secret fights and so on. This game was the first time I had to look around the internet in order to connect all the plots. Too bad I was not able to play Chrono Trigger first. Oh well, back to the history lane.

Breath of Fire,

I randomly stumbled upon that game once upon a time, damn thing was fun as hell.
Breath of Fire! Yeah! I played 3 and 4. However, both of the game disc broke for some reason. I could not progress to the next part after a while. It was strange. I think the disc I bought was bugged. I was not able to finish both. Might try them again when I have the time.


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I might add, I have successfully played a lot of PS1 games in a emulator on the PC.

The logitech controller I have is very similar to a PS controller, so, it was pretty fun.
I think the soundtrack for Chrono Cross won me over. The battle mechanics were unique and interesting too, and holy damn, all the characters you could get!