Clan War Loot Distribution Methods


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At the end of every season, a new thread will be created for distribution of loot.

You will be ranked 0-100 for priority based on your participation. 50% of the score is from donations, 50% is from glory.

So, to receive a 100, you must be top in both donations and glory.

If you max glory, but, no donations, you will only receive 50 out of 100.

The stats will be entered into a spreadsheet similar to this: 5/2 Loot Distributions

Once you receive a piece of loot, a certain amount will be deducted from your score, to allow loot to be distributed to other players.

The loot will be first generated based on requests, and priority. So, if 3x people requests a piece of loot, assuming each of the members has a positive priority score, one of them will receive the piece of loot.

For all of the unaccounted loot, will be randomly distributed based on your remaining priority score.

When you post what you would like, please PRIORITIZE the items.


  1. That epic ring (List Name)
  2. Purple Shards
  3. Blue Shards

When loot is distributed, this order will be used to give out gear first:
  1. Legendary Items
  2. Epic Items
  3. Gems
  4. Purple Shards
  5. Arena Tickets
  6. ---The Rest---