Clash of Consoles is Pointless?


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Is the battle between next gen consoles pointless? I have been browsing the internet the other day and found another new blog on how Xbox One is better than PS4. It's 2015 and people are still fighting over them. I believe that each console has it's differences and if you don't like one settle for the other, don't go online and criticize someone else for having a different console and a different preference to you. So guys, any thoughts on this?


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PC MASTER RACE! Lol, just kidding. All in all, I believe that you are right. There is no real need to compare the two consoles and fight over it. The mode people should adopt is to just enjoy the game. We are gamers after all. However, the root of the two camps fighting has something to do with their side winning. Their egos must be satisfied and one way they can do that is to be superior in the specs of the console.


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Meanwhile, at the #PCMASTERRACE,

Instead of arguing over which console is better, we are all in agreeance that the graphics and modability of the PC platform is far superior.


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Haha, yeah I'm part of the PCMasterRace crowd. But yeah in the end, consoles are outdated and probably soon will be a thing of the past.


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I don't understand why other's hate on one console, just because they prefer the other either? There has been a lot of trash talk about Nintendo, yet they are still setting standards for gaming if you ask me--but that doesn't keep me from loving my PlayStation or Xbox for whatever gaming reasons I bought them for. Comparing them side-by-side is one thing, but talking one over the other down like a politician campaign is another. They each have their flaws/features, constructive criticism to help give feedback for future consoles is okay, but there is no point in degrading or belittling.


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PC ftw.

Seriously though, the original Xbox left an impression on me with their huge controllers which is why I avoided them. I have tiny 5 year old hands so the humongous controllers were an immediate turn off. PS has perfect controllers hands down and I struggled with N64's controller. It's not that I have any beef with different consoles, but I've had the most negative customer experience with Xbox and its hardware to justify wanting to pay for it in the future again.

My brother purchased a 360 and the stupid thing red ringed so many times despite returns and contacting customer support that I just took a sledgehammer to the thing one day and bought him a PS3 and that was the end of it. The one thing by Microsoft that I did like was the Zune, it's a shame that they discontinued the product.

Price, reliability, versatility and flexibility are what I go off of when I make purchases. If I don't get any of them then I just won't buy. Simple as that. I don't give a crap over fanbases, I just want the best bang for my buck.