Did you ever mod a console?


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I have seen many of the mods by BenHeck and really wanted to do loads, but didn't make that many in the end. However I did once do a mod to the Sega Megadrive, basically just reducing the size of the console itself to as small and as light as possible.


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I only mod I had was my ps1 I use to have all types of burned games and it was so fun. I pretty much would order games and then burn them.
The only mod(if you can even call it a mod) was when I opened up my American PS2 and jimmied a couple things so that I could use SwapMagic on it to play Japanese Naruto games. It still works and I still play occasionally. Worth the voided warranty.


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No, can't say that I ever. I was a little to nervous to because if you mod it and it breaks, then you void the warranty. Which is why I prefer PC's, you can mod it how ever the heck you want. ;)


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I have never modded my own console. But the only one I have had modded was my first Wii. I have a friend who does that stuff regularly and since he is the way he is, he wouldn't show me or walk me through doing it, he had to do it for me.