Do any of you like American Football?

I'm from the USA, near Erie to be exact. Been a lifelong Pittsburgh Steeler fan, just curious to see if anyone else out there has a team they represent and their story. Grew up in the Cowher Era. I admired a bunch of other teams but always would play madden games (and outdoor football) in my teams traditional colors, black and gold.

So, what's yer story?
I only really got into it 15 years ago or so. I grew up liking the Dolphins but never really followed the game all that much until 2000 or so. Because I lived in DC the only way I could see games on a weekly basis was by going to a sports bar to watch them. Over the 10 years that I went a bunch of us regulars became good friends. Even when the bar shut down we found another that we could go to that wasn't too far for any of us. We were made up of fans that followed Cincinnati, Chicago, Green Bay, Miami, New York Jets, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Detroit (I know I am missing a team but I cant remember who the guy cheered for).

Since I moved overseas its become next to impossible to really watch the games unless I get up really early in the morning or they play a late game. My enthusiasm has lapsed a bit for the sport as a result.
Don't get me depressed. This year's Super Bowl sucked. I'm from Seattle so I've always rooted for the Seahawks prior to their first Super Bowl Win last year. Should have passed the ball to Lynch. What makes it so tragic was that they beat the Green Bay Packers in a miracle return like none other to get to the Super Bowl.
Yup. It was an instant brain-fart. That call will forever haunt Pete Carroll. I just don't understand why in that situation you don't run it. Outside run it. Half-back dive. Strong inside burst. ANYTHING. Slants are notorious for failing in short-term yardage situations - look at the superbowl my team the Steelers won against Arizona... That quick slant was picked off and returned all the way for a touchdown. It's just in that situation you have to think at one point "Gee, maybe they're running a GOAL LINE stance" since they were on the 10 (or Under, in this situation).

Now instead of Seattle #1 in the new era, we've got talks of Tom Terrific and his Dynasty with Bill. It's gonna start all the "hater" patriot fans back up. And start talk of how good of coaches do you have to be to win 4, etc. And all will be themed on them. I kinda routed for Seahawks, myself.

I do admire the Patriots as a team; you kind of have too. They've had too much drama aimed their way for nothing, and they proved they're still good without rumors and talks. They've even been severely injured these last couple years, finding replacements and still doing good.
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I have to agree with the comments about the Super Bowl this year, what a disastrous decision there at the end.
I like the Patriots since I now live in New England, but otherwise I don't have a specific team that I am a die-hard fan of.
Playing as Brett Favre and the Packers on Madden on N64 when I was younger was awesome though :p
I just hope my team(Steelers) can stay healthy long enough to make a good run at the playoffs, because we can't just rely on one guy to be everything we need (Leveon Bell). We need some drafts in certain regions that we never draft in to patch up some holes. Dick Lebeau "stepping down" (getting forced to resign or whatever happened) is sad. He'll always be remembered. I just hope they groomed another defense coach in his same steps.
NFL sucks especially the steelers. If I were to like an NFL team, it would be the Bengals. But, College football is infinitely superior in every way to NFL.
That's your opinion and one I don't share.

Aside from the NFL, College has certain aspects the NFL doesn't - the talent tries harder because they haven't made names for themselves and some of those plays are ridiculous, but they're still just the minor leagues to the major leagues in equivalence. You make it to the NFL because you had what it takes. A lot of show-boaters get caught and even more first round draft picks have busted lately, so I can't say it's superior. But it has it's own reason.

And I don't mind the Bengals, they just have had a rough go of it -their front office, their head coach, their entire staff and players getting arrested. They were all over the media back in the day. It's a bit of a stigma till. I hope Andy Dalton can take you guys to a playoff run and win. He has talent.