Does Anyone Play Magic: The Gathering?


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Hello Xtremers,

I've noticed that no one has mentioned Magic: The Gathering, so I thought I would bring it up. I was taught by my brother 4 years ago now and I totally love it. One of the worlds best strategy games in my opinion. Is anyone playing Magic? and if so are you playing Card, or Console magic? I play both frequently. (There are currently 5 Magic: The Gathering games on Xbox 360)

Any thoughts?



I love it. I play it a fair bit and have thousands of hard-cards in real life. I love the concept, how fast games move (beats pokemon, yugioh and does it better than both combined) with Gothic artwork and nice spell effects make it easy for any fantasy and D&D lover to easily jump in.

I've loved it since 1993-4 when it first really became popular in my region. Been collecting ever since.

Black/White is my favorite duo color deck

Red is best single 1 on 1


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Hi Shimus

Sounds you like Magic just about as much as I do! I have thousands of cards too, so much that they almost consume this tiny apartment we live in. :)

I am kind of partial to White/Blue. I started playing about five to six years ago now, and I love it. I even have all 5 of the games for Xbox. Red is definitely best for one on one in my opinion too. Its super fast and quite lethal.

What was your favorite set, I mean like mine is Zendikar. So O.P.


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I used to as a teenager, my first deck was an Ice Age. I only played with the kids in my neighborhood and at school but when everyone started getting hooked on video games, I kind of grew out of it myself. It was good though. I tried other card games later on but it didn't interest me as much as MTG.


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Wow Ice Age now thats a blast from the past. I said it in another post but will say it again. "Days gone by." I sure miss those days of simpler times. It is nice to know I am not the only one who spent time as a kid playing this card game. In my opinion it is for sure a strategy game of the ages! :p


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I was a gullible lad. There was this rumor that if you play Magci: The Gathering, your soul will get sucked into the cards. I honestly believed that rumor and stayed away from that. It is only right now that I started to play it. I do not have a lot of cards, and the deck that I have is gathering dust. I keep it safe though. I still have to duel with my girlfriend with it once she comes back. Last set of matches ended in a tie. Need to break it.


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Man it's been years, but I recall playing it as a kid. My mother was friends with a Wizards store owner so he'd always give me decks and blisters for free. (Every nerdy kid hated me for it haha.) Then Pokemon came around and I got hooked onto that before ending my TCG days with YuGiOh.