Favorite Game Music


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A lot of games, also have amazing soundtracks to go along with them.

The Last of Us had some really good, low key music. The main theme is my favorite, and it's the melody that gets played a lot at important cut scenes.

Assassin's Creed also has a lot of good music. I really liked the music from AC II, AC:B and AC 3.

What are some are your favorite music from games?


Hmmm. I'll post a guy who does a plethora of good music, and for which his talents I subscribed too on YouTube; dude is a complete boss. So much talent!

Zelda has some of the most memorable for me.

And Chrono Trigger

Even Mega-Man

There's literally nothing on his channel that is badly done, and he does so many of my favorite game musics is sickening.


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My favorite game music would have to be Assassins Creed I was just listening to it last night, Lol.



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I'm going have to go with Assasins Creed III. That was an awesome score.

Freedom Fighter was probably the best track from it.



Sonic. These two in particular, and Smooth does them even better than the games ever could:

Sonic had such good music.