Favorite Let's Player?


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I am a big YouTube person and I love watching Let's Plays and the people who do them! Most Let's Player are kind of like a really cool review the game. It lets you see how it handles and what the graphics are and how much others like it. Also, I've found Let's Plays for older games or games on a different console or operating system then mine, and I can still experience them with out having to go out and buy new equipment or anything like that.

I particularly like, Markiplier, Cryoatic, The Sw1tcher, Game Grumps, YogscastHannah, YogscastKim, and DanandPhilGames.

I HAVE found Let's Players that I just can not stand though. PewDiePie annoys the daylights out of me more often then not, but he has one or two funny videos, every so often. I managed to watch TmarTn2's Bioshock play through (since there was almost no else who had videos of playing it) but my god, that guy drove me insane! :mad: Some of the comments he made while playing, were either annoying or stupid, or even racist and sexist at time. :confused: I just couldn't take it.

So, do you guys have a favorite Let's Player? Do you like or even watch Let's Plays? Do you have a Let's Player you hate? :)

(Also, not sure if this is "Off-Topic" or should be in "General Chat". Please feel free to tell me, and I'll move the thread. ...If that's possible.)


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GameGrumps, those guys are hilarious! And also Markiplier, even though sometimes he may overreact, he's still great fun to watch! I first saw him while playing Five Nights at Freddy's (which also happened to be the first time I saw that game)


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I watch many Youtubers doing LP, Pewdiepie, theRadBrad, etc...but Cry is the perfect for it. I love how he jokes about the game and I like his voice too.

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I used to really like "X" or davidyt64 [sic] when I was in my Minecraft days. Watching his house transform from a little shack to the X Cave was pretty fun and he seemed to genuinely enjoy the game more than anyone I've seen play. Sometimes, I'll go back and watch a few episodes to feel nostalgic for my early high school days.


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I have Markiplier as top fave. He does over act, but still forgivable. He also knows how to change tone depending on the game. I also like the fact that he features fan made games at times. I check Jacksepticeye every now and then too.

What I really like is when Mark plays with the other YouTubers. I love meself a good collab game.