Favorite Movie


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Movies are a big part in today's industry's and in our daily lives. One common question is what is your favorite movie or movie series, my favorite would have to be either The Lord of The Ring trilogy or the Harry Potter movies. What's Yours?


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Hmm, that's a really hard question for me. I'd probably have to say that Star Trek (2009), PUSH, and both Captain America movies are my favorites. I watch a lot of movies though, so picking one is a really hard thing to do.


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Since I watched a lot of great movies, it's hard for me to decide, but I have to say that I really love the Warrior movie. It's the first movie that I watched more than twice and I think this explains how much I like it.


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My favorite movie is The Dark Knight. It portrays and uses all the filmography elements correctly in the right sequences with a perfect plot. The movie illustrates the theme in an exemplary way. Christopher Nolan painted the theme of chaos and the acting was perfect. Every frame was a Mona Lisa.


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Being a massive fan of gangster movies, I'd say goodellas is probably my all time favourite. Casino, godfather, scarface, krays and the untouchables also rate fairly highly up there as well.
Away from the gangster gendre, who can forget Shawshank redemption, kill bill and pulp fiction, they'll be on the list, usual suspects, Jackie brown...as you can see I like a lot of films.


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Oh man this is a tough one.
Years ago, I would have said Momentum, just because that movie is so mind boggling amazing and you really never expect the ending(technically the beginning?)
But now, I think I would have to say Insidious. Each installment of that movie just terrifies me to the core, and a horror movie that can still do that is insanely good, in my book.