Hello everyone!


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Hey everyone. My name is Nik and I came here because a forum about gaming and programming is right up my alley. Although I am a novice programmer (still in school about to obtain my AA), I am an avid gamer. Like some folks, I played my first game on the NES as a child. Today I am mostly a PC MMORPG gamer, but I do enjoy the occasional handheld or console game. I currently play World of Warcraft regularly, and just recently started playing Pokemon Omega Ruby on my 3DS. I enjoy almost all genres of games except for FPS (I'm just not coordinated enough) and my favorite genre is RPG, with my favorite game being a tie between FFVII and FFX, but the 2nd place tie goes to the .Hack series and Chrono Cross. As far as programming goes, I have completed advanced C programming and am working on Java this semester, along with web development. Anyways, I look forward to getting to know you guys as well as the community here.


Hey! Welcome to the forums. Hope to see you around posting, now here's some video game humor coming from my favorite youtube sub -- Dorkly Bits!