Kingdom Hearts


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Perhaps my favorite game series of all time. I love the story, characters, and gameplay. Anyone else ever played it? What is your opinion about it?


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It makes me wonder why KH3 never came out. So much hype man...

I did enjoy Chain of Memories as well, though I have no idea what happened to my game.


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I was a kid playing Kingdom Hearts 2. Now I can legally buy drinks in the U.S. and the fucking game hasnt come out yet. I got bills and shit man.
Tried playing 2 again. Then I realized how god damn long it was, and pretty much figured out it would take me years to finish the game.


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You just cant go wrong with kingdom hearts it’s truly ah beautiful game with every single thing ah gamer would won’t this is what gives me ah rush.


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This is also one of my favorite games, but it looks like it is now set for 2017. Apparently Goofy's voice actor was a little over confident in his statement about 2015. I am hoping for a debugged Playstation4 by the time it is released. I hate buying first generation consoles.
At first I didn't think it was going to be any good since it was mixing characters from different games/stories/movies into one game. Boy, was I wrong after I gave it a try one afternoon after school. I still go back and replay it when I have a few days off from work and nothing going on.


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I never played it, though a ton of my friends did and they all loved the series too death. All I remember is that they got angry at Donald Duck a lot? I have no idea.


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Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were basically my childhood, all i did over the weekend was play these games. Im so hyped for Kindom hearts 3, when i get the money im definitely going to pre-order it.


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I adored these games when I was a child and hated when I finished them both. The only two I played are 1 and 2 but with those two alone, the story was amazingly written and I love all the Disney characters especially Donald Duck. I don't care how old I will be when 3 comes out, I am going to get it and play the hell out of it.