Minecraft or Terraria?

Hello Guys and Gals, I was wondering what people prefer, Minecraft or Terraria? I asked Shimus in another post what her preferred and then though, "I should ask the community as well." I really like Minecraft, but Terraria is more my thing. Retro graphics, side-scrolling sandbox type game. I do enjoy them both though.

My husband works at WalMart and hates it most days so I decided to be funny and make him this!

I'm so nice. :p
For Social with friends, I like MineCraft in an open world. For myself or small parties I love Terraria for the adventure portion. There's so much to do in both games. I can't really choose one over the other; I own both and love both for their own uniqueness. IT's fun to toggle between as the mood hits, too.
I did not know that, that's really cool. I have definitely logged well over 500 hours on Minecraft throughout the years over a couple different platforms, it is addicting. It really does go all on the mood as well.
Minecraft is unique and well worth the time spent on many platform by many people because it's free art at its core, which is why we love it. We're free to interpret how we play. Just like in Terraria, the more-sidecroller-esque version, you have this freedom as well.

But I grew up on MineCraft Beta with friends back when Notch was a still a kid in his basement. Oh times have changed.
I'm more on the Terraria side nowadays. I've played Minecraft during the alpha and beta phase and I kinda liked it back then, but it has become boring pretty fast, even though I've played it with some friends. I had a lot more fun in Terraria, because it is a more action oriented approach, which I think is great for a sandbox game. If I manage to get my hands on some high-end items I want to be able to put them to use against worthy foes, and not just be able to dig a little faster while fighting against the same basic enemies all the time.
I agree with you Flandre, I like the being able to build but I feel there are many more challenges to Terraria than Minecraft. I am not dissin' Minecraft one bit because I still love to play that game with friends and family. If I am not playing with a group of people I am usually playing Terraria when I am in those kind of moods. Santa-NK1 was a hilarious boss to fight. He only spawns on a Frost Moon however.


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I think I played at least 200 hours of Terraria before getting bored, Minecraft a few thousand hours before that became too boring. I haven't played Minecraft in recent years though so I don't know if it's still worth playing. I'd recommend Terraria though to anyone who hasn't played it.
Minecraft had some some great updates recently actually as well as Terraria. There are a few things like Beacons, Horses & Hoppers in Minecraft. (I think some of these were originally just P.C. exclusive) Terraria got an overhaul as well. They added in different ways to use enchanting as well as many new enemies and bosses & items. :)
Neither! :p Haha, not because I'm being snobby about it or anything, I just never was very interested in either Minecraft or Terraria. I have heard good things about both games, but I don't think I'll be playing them any time soon. Though, I've been hearing murmurs of Minecraft going downhill a bit, because very few people play any more?
I have never played Terraria? But I have played some serious Minecraft. I don't play anymore though. I use to spend hours every day with my son playing Minecraft (usually me building EPIC structures) and he had a tendency to pour lava on my structures when I got up to use the bathroom or something. I thought he would stop doing it if I got onto him and stopped playing with him so much, but he still does it.

I have noticed our new Xbox360 freezing up quite a bit when he does play. Not sure why it does this and neither does Xbox support. I am thinking I may need to purchase the downloadable Minecraft instead of playing from a disc. I just wish it would stop randomly freezing during game play.
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pandabear1991 I suggest just a new Hard-disk drive. If you're not getting the "Open-Tray" error, you're still fine. Find a cheapo hard drive and it will solve your problems. If you can format before removal, try that instead and see if it still lags. Beforehand, copy all save data to flash drives. Win either way.

I've been playing more Minecraft lately because I'm usually alone, bored. Terraria is super fun to fight things - with friends. Minecraft is definitely more solo oriented, find a place, screw the rest of the world and build away. Then you can come together to make works of art. Like my floating Triforce made of Obsidian-and gold blocks, hovering in the sky. Exactly like this, but outlined in Obsidian and floating higher into the sky:

But I love the sheer 3-d of it. 2-d Sidescrollers immense fun, but it's just something different to work in all three dimensions no matter how blocky or pixelated they can get.
That is an awesome and sexy triforce Shimus! I would hope I wouldn't need a new hard-disk drive... This is one of the new blue Xbox360's (just bought in December 2014). It doesn't freeze or lag on any of our other games either.

I have had to block a lot of kids though over bad language. I have to wonder if it freezes like this because those blocked persons log into or are logged into a game he is trying to join? Kinda feeling special for asking but I really don't know, what do you mean by format? I have never had to format anything on a console?
I'm not specifically on topic here, but both games are very cheap. I got Minecraft for $15 during beta and Terraria for $10 on their website. It really isn't a huge amount, I was able to earn it back by posting videos on a gaming site that pays you to make videos. Unfortunately it was taken down about 4 months ago.
Yeah, the 2D style of Terraria isn't my thing. However, if you like it more, I say go for it!
Thank you for the "Go for it." Maybe I am just old. lol. I still miss the side scrolling games like when I was a child. I have spent some serious man ( or woman ) hours on Minecraft with friends. I just seem to love Terria more because it reminds me of a time when it was easy just to be a kid lol. Do not get me me twisted though, I have spent some serious hours on both. I equally love them :) It all depends on what mood I am in.
I like side scrolling once in a while but with Terraria it just didn't click with me as much as I thought it would for some reason. I think I got too used to Minecraft's freedom of movement and spacial perception to transition to Terraria well enough.