My old Wii finally died. What do you recommend I replace it with?


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I don't do a whole lot of console gaming nowadays. When I game, it's generally on PC, but I do like having a console around for games that aren't available on my PC or that I prefer to play on a bigger screen. I thought about getting a Wii U but I'm really not sure I like the idea of it, the game selection, or if the newer features are even necessary. So, what system is currently your favorite, and why? How do you feel about game selection and features? I've been out of the loop on console gaming since...well, since the Wii game out! Interested in hearing everyone's opinion on this.


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I would recommend a next gen console like the Xbox One or PS4, it's not too late to get back into the latest games, but if i were i you i would focus on upgrading the PC to have a better gaming experience.


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Join the #PCMasterRace and build a PC.

You can build a OK gaming PC for the price of a new xbox/playstation.

However, in 5 years, you could still be using the same PC. Your games you buy this year will still work.

You won't have to keep track of CDs...

Its better!


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I wanted to upgrade to a Wii-U myself, however, it seems I will be taking the Playstation4 route--simply because of game selection. The biggest reason is the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts 3. However, most of the games played in my house are on either Xbox360 or Playstaion3. My Wii is still functioning and I am literally the only one playing it, so it would be selfish for me to upgrade my Wii, when other people in the house would rather have a different upgrade.


WII-U. New Zelda Game looks fun. And you must have liked the WII to begin with, so buy the sequel.


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Shhhhh!!!!! Shimus, do you know how hard it was for me to say yes to the Playstation4 and no to the WiiU. YOUR BREAKING MY HEART!!! Why must I choose between Zelda and Kingdom Hearts?

But I did just have an interesting thought :] Why should I have to choose? Kingdom Hearts 3 is not expecting to release until 2017--why not just upgrade to the Wii-U now and enjoy the new Zelda game until Kingdom Hearts 3 is released and I am then forced to upgrade to a Playstation4.

Apparently Wii-Us are only $300.oo at Walmart.

I can find cheaper on Craigslist for sure, but I am partial to buying used newer consoles. I don't mind buying used games, but recently released consoles are a different story. Any words of wisdom here?