Optional Update available - removes Winter theme + bug fixes

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There is now a non-mandatory update available in the AppStore (v8.709.11) + GooglePlay / Kunlun/ Bazaar (v8.709.16). This update removes the Winter theme and includes some minor bug fixes:

  • Correct troop capacity is now shown when holding the troop CC icon (ex: some CC would show 25/20 troops available due to "queued CC troops")
  • Fixed Clan Castle Spell capacity display for CC levels 1-6
  • Memory improvements and optimizations
  • Freeze Trap no longer shown in the TH4>5 upgrade screen
  • Fixed the following crash: open Player Profile when visiting, scouting or from chat/inbox - go to Clan tab - select the same Player profile from alliance menu - go to profile tab; at this point game would then crash.
  • Events UI: upcoming events will now also display the hours.

Make sure to update your Clash of Clans app for the best experience :)


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