N64 Perfect Dark


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I still think this was one of the greatest FPS games ever.

I wish the remake would have been ANYTHING like the original.

Timesplitters came somewhat close to what perfect dark offered multiplayer.


I loved Goldeneye and Perfect Dark Era. I liked getting accustomed to shooters on Goldeneye for the first real good time for party games, playing modes etc. I went to Perfect Dark at a friends house and I fell in love with it too. The better graphics, the fly-by-wire rockets were my favorite. Hide in a corner and just fly missiles into people. Memories.


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This game was one of the best titles of the N64 and gaming in general. The bots added insane replay value! I think the game even had bots with split screen multiplayer. I know if brought be some fun times after my trip to Blockbuster. As far as the newer Perfect Dark game(s) I haven't experienced it. Actually now that I'm thinking of it, I wonder if Im getting this game mixed up with Goldeneye or maybe they were really similar.