Playstation 1 PlayStation 1's "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night"



This was among one of my favorites, ever. It lured me into it after some failed platforming concepts of their prior compatriots, and hooked me. To this day, I don't think I've ever played a platform game with as much content to do (grind items, explore every hidden chamber, so many extra items you'd miss normally) and also to mention the inverted castle was primarily one of the coolest concepts when I was a kid. Plus, it had one of the most awesome soundtracks ever conceived.. and this guy who plays them named Nightshader1 on youtube is a boss:

(marble gallery for those who can't view it)


(wood carving partita for those who can't view it)

And finally

(Dance of the Pales for those who can't view it)​

In my opinion one of the best and probably will be one of the best Castlevania's, ever. So much actual content, plenty of shapeshifting and a couple puzzles, hidden and visible. What are your thoughts? So much to do, double castle space, a hidden set of bosses with their own catchy storyline.


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Hello Shimus:
As far as the Castlevania series goes the originals we so amazingly hard but we kept coming back for more. While posting this, a certain N.E.S. Castlevania popped right into mind as possibly one of the most difficult games for that time period.

Lets get back on topic here, you were talking about Castlevania S.O.T.N. after the first two inital Castlevania games I got derailed, I hated the direction they were taking the games I coveted. Then years later out of the blue came...

I remember when I first got this game, how could I forget? It was Christmas morning, we opened up presents and the second to the last one was quite larger than the other so of course I got to open it and low and behold it was my very first Playstation..that was back when they were cool enough & did not have to use numbers lol.

The last present as you guessed it was Castlevania S.O.T.N. I took it to my room hooked it up and my parents did not see much of me for a couple of weeks. (Looking back on it now as an adult I realized why they always bought us new systems for Christmas...FREE BABYSITTER lol.)

The fact the castle has so many secret rooms, walls, and nooks made it a challenge in its own right. Factor in
the enemies, even low level ones were a force to be reckoned with! With the addition of the 3 forms you could transform into, Poison Fog can get you just about out of anywhere but a select few rooms which have floor and ceiling spikes ( only true reason the Spikebreaker Mail has a purpose in my opinion, can you think of another?

Then finally you get all the way to the end and you've just about defeated the final boss you find that what? theres still more to do? A whole separate castle but not so separate in the same sense. The fight through the inverted castle reminded me of Castlevania 2 difficulty, very frustrating but worth the end result.

Ok I think I've jabbered enough about my love of the 3 best Castlevania games.

1. Simon's Quest ~ NES

2. Castlevania S.O.T.N ~ Playstation

3. The original Castlevania ~ NES

Ok Shimus it seems I have finally found person who seems to love the same ones I do, your an instant friend lol.

Until The Next Time