Playstation 1 PlayStation 1's "The Legend of Dragoon"


The Legend of Dragoon, for the playstation 1 -- where to begin. I loved everything about it, from the Dragooning system itself to the fresh new lore and gameplay while still being control-turn based.

There was a chunk of story for everyone to latch on to here as well, and the content the game had was startlingly well planned out.

So, anyone else play this?

Here's some music from it, to this day one of my favorite world maps:

(World map theme two, for those who can't view it)

And Gameplay:
(Beginning intro and some gameplay, a Let's Play Series)

Post away!
God that was such an awesome game. I don't know why the heck Sony never did a follow up for it honestly. It's one of the better games that Sony produced in house. It was a game that could have given Final Fantasy a run for its money and if they expanded on it, I think it could have gone down as a great franchise if they allowed it.
It easily could have rivaled. Easily. They just didn't develop it, I don't know if it was because of internal strife or the game just didn't do well back on that market, but it's a real shame. One of the first RPGs I mention aside from Legend of Legaia, Legend of Dragoon, FF7/8/9 (liked em all) - the PS1 was a good era.
I'm guessing it was a business decision. The game took 3 years to develop and about $16 million to produce, which was a pretty hefty budget at the time. Then I think there might have been talks between Sony and Square about competition. Ever since then Sony didn't release an epic like that from their own studios. Now that Square's exclusive contracts with Sony has pretty much expired and they've since moved their games to multiplatform, Sony has a chance to get into that market if they want to. The question is whether if they ever will. The release for the PSN in 2012 showed Dragoon as a top 5 best selling title for 3 months.
Maybe since they went their separate ways they can go back into the market - and on the new-generation graphics too. It might look really badass to get some ingenuity flowing again in such a dead market (or overkilled is the proper word)

We can only hope to see some cool releases, remakes, or remasters at this stage. But still, with a game as good as this it deserves to be revived.
This game... this game was perfection. It took forever to complete but damn was it awesome. The music was stellar (my fave was "Shirley's Shrine") And damn trying to perfect some of the character attacks was torture (I'm looking at you, Dart "Madness Hero" and Albert's "Blossom Storm") I can remember this moment of agony where I was nearing the end of the game, and at this huge desert I was lost for days trying to find a way out. Otherwise, the boss battle were quite difficult. I did not attempt the extras like Faust though. My endgame character set was Dart, Meru and Albert.