Approved Please remove the banner

Agreed. I didn't think these forums were directed towards a specific game? Also, it does look very weird with the blank space on the right... would be much better centered.
what the hell are you talking about, you're the one with absolute no design sense what so ever. We would never have recommended using that monstrosity.
I'm quite sure we were not. Nobody in their right mind would want this on the website. Were you drunk again?
God, it's so sad to see Eric still using alcohol at this absurd rate. I really feel sorry for the guy. I wish there was something we could do to help him! God bless!
I know just the thing! Maybe we can gather support for him from other members on the site. I will make a petition!
Oh god bless you Coltsy! It's just so rare these days to see people wanting to help others! I agree, we should make a petition to get some help for eric's alcoholism.