Slipperywalrus - Hey there!


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Nice to see a new community based around gaming.
My first introduction to gaming was a Playstation 2, of which I played half life 1 and a couple other generic racing games. I then moved straight onto pc gaming and got into Little Big Adventure, as well as Age of mythology on an old crt monitor.

Since then I've got a steam account with 200 games and play about 10 of them regularly.
My current Rig is as follows:

Monitor: 24 Inch 1080p LG.
CPU: i5 4670k
GPU: MSI 760.
Memory: 8Gb (can't remember speed)
Motherboard: Asus Ranger z97.
Case: Fractal R4 XL (This case is fantastic, it's huge and roomy with good airflow and plenty of room to upgrade. My ATX Mobo looks like a lone desert island. Heavy though :/ )
Mouse: Perixx MX2000
Keyboard: Generic usb Membrane thing.
Audio: Beyerdynamic 770 (Pro 80 ohm) and a Yeti mic.
I also have a Trackir and a x52 Pro for flight sim purposes.


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Fun thing about steam, I'm willing to bet you didn't pay more then $500 on those games!
Gotta love steam sales, they're my excuse at least.

"But it was 75% off!"


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Hah, Yea, they squeezed a bit out of me on those.

XXX Useless game bundle, only 9.99$

Oh, what the hell, I'll play it one day... right?