The BADASS Anime Thread. (Series and/or Movies) (Spoilers)


I know I can't be the only one who watches anime. I also know I can't be the only one who likes their fights with lightning quick action, with a fantastic fight sequence followed by an even better ending. Some people prefer the cute-and-fluffy things, but I do not. I like Manly Men. Badass Fights. Over to top Shonen (More unbelievable) Action with a quick but enjoyable resolution. Seinen (adult animations, easily believeable, gritty situations) are also very down my alley, from the do or die gambling of the poor misfit KAIJI (trust me, get past the animation - it's a sickeningly entertaining show about Japan's Underworld!) to the antics of Samurai protecting someone in the epic movie "Sword of the Stranger": (CONTAINS SPOILERS OF THE END FIGHT, SKIP IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED! Or if you don't mind spoilers, watch away. Good day sirs and ma'ams!)

From Comedies and Romances to downright Gritty and Bloody slash Gorey, there's an anime for everyone. Most claim they're cartoons for children; but I beg to differ. I would not show half of the shows I've watched to developing kids until after they turned 16 or better. These have some repercussions in the developing mind. That's why as an adult I could enjoy these anime for what they were - gruesomely well-told stories.

I like stories about war. Hopelessness, and overcoming it to beat incredible odds. Like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Here's the opening:

(Sorairo Days, if you can't view it)

I like badass series. I like action that's over the top but at the same time gritty and realisitic too. Like Black Lagoon's Boat Scene:

My good lord, CHILLS at how awesome she pulled it off. She's one of my favorite characters.

I know plenty, plenty of other badass ones. They just come to mind right from the word go. So many productions, the Japanese writers and minds behind these shows are my intimate passion; I know voice Actors by name, and I've seen so many shows I can basically watch raw anime and understand what's being spoke. I know it's ingraining into me improperly, but at least I'll have experience when I go to learn it as a language, truly. Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone, away!

What's your favorite BADASS series? Explain!


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My favorite Anime series is Attack On Titan. It has great characters, a very interesting alternate universe plot and a wonderful theme song. The overall plot is great and every episode for the most part is excellent. The protagonist and antagonist still have to be scraped up of their information. Attack On Titan brings screenwriting to a new level of filmography.


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One of my favorite anime series was FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and I also really loved Gurren Lagan when it first came out. I watched the first season of Attack on Titan but slowly lost interest in it as time went on.


Lately, Tokyo Ghoul in Root A had a nice story about the owner of Anteiku, the coffee shop. There's been some badass themes, like taking humans versus ghouls and spinning their own take on it (no different than racial profiling, or exterminating pests). I like shows like that. FMA:B comes to mind, along with TTGL.

Another good show I enjoyed was Terra Formars. For some insane reason it reminds me of Titan on Mars, and the Titans are the Bugs. It's not bad, the plot was gripping, the deaths shocking. The only bad part is the anime over censored and then cliffhangered for the second season, which I don't even know if it's been announced yet.

The opening just has that same kind of vibe to start it off. But it's a good rock song it's own right there for a bit.