The Last Gaurdian


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The Last Gaurdian has been hyped for nearly 8 years as a Playstation title. It was supposed to be for PS3 but there were delays. Now it seems that Sony has abandoned the title of the project. Other say the game isn't canceled but they are associated with that particular name. What do you all think?

Are or were you ever interested in this IP from Sony?


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I definitely won't get hyped for this game until they are getting ready to release it and if if looks good, for now I can just hope that they eventually will get around to it. Team Ico, the developers who also made Ico, that I never actually played and Shadow of the Colossus can give you an idea on certain aspects of the game. I loved Shadow of the Colossus when I got it, I had never heard of the game so I brought it purely from the cover art and I did not regret it. The story and the art style were incredible so if The Last Guardian had an aspects of that game, which it is supposed to, I will probably get it.