Top 3: Favorite Fantasy Book Series


1. George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" (More commonly known as HBO's "A Game of Thrones") - Fantastical writing sense, masterful use of plot to mass murder people you like and hate alike. Keeps you on the edge of your seat and wanting more of your favorite character's chapters. (looking at you, Jon, Dany, and Arya)

2. Tracy Hickman. Margaret Weis. Separately they may have been nothing or had issues telling a combined, cohesive story. But when they paired up, history was made and one of my favorite book series began, it was simply called, "DragonLance" Tasselhoff!!

Michael Moorcock's "Elric of Melnibone" - very little known are these series of books. It's a very good dark action fantasy. Some of the swords literally drain life and have the power to end realities. It's kind of warped towards to the end.

Honorable mentions: Tolkien's LOTR goes without saying, but I find him overly verbose at some points making it hard to fluently read. He talks about a leaf (and many more items of no worth) on a tree and the way the sun would have hit it in a forest you'll never revisit. I guess this is why I liked reading them and playing games based after them and then watched the Peter Jackson series of movies.

Terry Goodkind's "A Sword of Truth" series. Very good introduction in the books. Very good sustained plot through book 6. After that it felt a bit like a miniseries and some of the plot got recycled. This doesn't mean it's bad by any stretch, it kept me interested enough to devour it.

So, what are some of yours?


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Well I can think of two good fantasy series I've read:

-The Dragoncharm Trilogy by Graham Edwards
-The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini


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Enders game!

I used to read quite alot... and now my reading time is limited to toilet time.


I know your feeling man. I man not have kids, but I live in a two-room apartment with two other guys. I sleep on the couch at the moment because of homeless life situations. You can't get a silent time to read unless in the bathroom.

"I'm taking a Shower" is keyword to not bother me. Lol.