Update On Need for Speed Underground 3?


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I am looking forward to the 2015 release of Need For Speed Underground 3, but I cannot find an official release date for this game, or even a definite answer on which console it will be released for. I am nor sure why they would stray away from the PlayStation4 console, but rumors are saying it could be either PlayStation4 or XboxOne. I am thinking there will be a game for each console but only time will tell.

Thoughts on this TBA game?


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The only release date i can find is 2015. and even that is a guess as far as i can tell. NFSU3 will happen but with no official annoucment of it even being in development yet, i'd be guessing that a late 2015 (in time for xmas) might be a deadline they'll aim for?
And as you say regarding the console, i dont have any reason to see why they would stray away from the ps4, the fan base they've already got on that platform they'd surely stick with that.