Updates Version 1.7


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New Features:
  1. New Commands
    1. (Server Admin) bot, clear messages - Delete all of the messages from the current channel.
    2. (Global Admin) bot, show guilds - Prints a list of all guilds, and member counts, who are using this bot.
    3. (Server Admin) bot, reset config - This will reset your settings to the default for a new discord guild.
    4. (Server Admin) bot, go away - This will remove WarBot from your guild.
    5. (Clan Leader) (enable|disable) war prep started - You can toggle if this announcement is displayed.
    6. (Clan Leader) (enable|disable) war prep ending - You can toggle if this announcement is displayed.
    7. (Clan Leader) (enable|disable) war started - You can toggle the war started announcement.
  2. Updated Join Message
    1. When the bot is invited to a server, it will now display a greeting, with directions to access the help page.
  3. Updated Leave Message
    1. if you use 'bot, go away', the bot will now send a personalized messaged as well.
  4. If you delete a role or channel, which WarBot is configured to send to, the bot will send a messages to the default member channel, stating its configured channel needs to be updated. If, you deleted the default channel, the bot will automatically set a new default channel to send notifications to.
  5. If you delete the default bot channel, the bot will now find a new default channel to send to, automatically. (Although, you may want to configure the channel. It will use random logic, if a default channel is not specified.)
  6. Updates to the war notifications. The title reflects the event now.
Bug Corrections:
  1. No known critical issues or bugs. If you know of one, please report it.
  1. Many of the bot's functions were updated to take full advantage of async IO. This will greatly improve the performance... Although, unless we are serving 50+ guilds, you would likely not notice too much. However- this will ensure you receive your notifications much faster (Depending on how many guilds are using this bot.) You can list the count of guilds, by using 'bot, stats'
  2. Configuration storage class updated, to be much more streamlined, and require less code on the front-end.
  3. Migrated configuration versions to version 1.
  4. Version 1.5, and 1.6 updates were rolled into this single article.
Version 1.4 Release Notes
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