Updates Version 2.0


Staff member
Below updates are LIVE and in production, however, An update notification will not be sent out yet.... Until a significant new feature is added.

New Commands:
  • set war prep started {Message}
    • Set a custom message for war prep started.
  • set war prep ending {Message}
    • Set a custom message for war prep ending.
  • set war started {Message}
    • set a custom war started message.
  • (enable/disable) war reminder (1|2|3|4)
    • If your clan does not participate in all 4 daily wars, you may now disable notifications for any of the wars you do not participate in.
  • (enable/disable) update notification
    • If you don't care about release notes when I update the bot, you may now disable them.
  • bot, test messages
    • Now available to server admin level, for the purpose of testing your notifications.
  • Above suggestions from https://www.reddit.com/r/HustleCastle/comments/8tzr9a/_/e1hk6yk
  • bot, show config, and bot, help have been updated for the above commands.
Bug Fixes:
  1. 6/25 - Bot will reply with an error, if you try to kick somebody at an equal, or higher role level then the bot.
  2. 6/25 - Server admin role was not working properly. If you were in the server admins role, it should now work properly.
  3. 6/25 - Corrected an issue, causing the "Bot Updated" message to display, when it shouldn't.
Back end Improvements:
  1. 6/25 Added better logging to assist in identifying issues faster.