Was the 3ds a flop?

The 3DS' Sales were not even close to that of the original DS and the Wii+Wii U. Nintendo is known for such things like the failed virtual boy, is this another one of those consoles that's going to go out the window?
I wouldn't call it a flop. I'd just take the guess that most people who already owned a normal DS didn't want to spend another 250€ to get a 3D version of the same console. Personally, I've sold my 2DS before the release of the 3DS and then later bought a 3DS, which I think was definitely worth it. The one thing that I'd like to question though, is Nintendo's decision to publish that many DS models. I mean, do we really need 9 different models?


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I sort of jumped from the GameBoy Advance to the 3DS so there was quite a few years of a handheld Nintendo gap in my life. I'm honestly not too happy with the 3D part of it, it tends to give me a headache after a short while and I usually just play without the added effect.

I don't exactly think it was a flop, but I also agree that they really shouldn't be making so many different models for people to keep buying.
I wouldn't know, I never bought any type of DS. Actually, I don't think I've ever bought an Nintendo console in my life, oops. But from what I heard there are major downfalls to the 3DS. Like Plus said, the 3D effect gives a lot of people headaches and can actually start off migraines in others.


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I wouldnt say the 3DS was a flop as such, i just think the hand held game console market is stagnating anyway, i dont know many people that still buy or even use the consoles they have already got.
As far as hand held gaming goes, the 3DS probably held its own, I dont know the exact number of sales but i would guess it did as well as other nintendo products.
As for the medical and health side of things, i have also been told and read about side effects that the 3D screen can cause so maybe this will have been a factor, that and the big hike up in price of course.
I have a feeling that they'll ditch 3DS sometime soon in the future because of the headaches it causes. It's like the current 3D movie craze. 3D has been around for a while but it always caused people headaches which is why they were fazed out for the most part. It comes and goes every 3-4 decades. I still have a regular DS Lite right now. The whole 3-D hype has died down a bit and like all fads will soon fade. Nintendo jumped on that wave a little late and its higher price point is enough to make people turn away.