What did you do today?

I worked some more online. Play a small, small portion of video games. Been working on writing more content reviews for the anime sites I frequent.

Managed to cool a small meal of scrambled eggs and toast and right back to the books (or internet as the case may be) to get ahead on tomorrow's work.

What was your day like?


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Stormy Days(HC)
Wake up at the ass-crack of dawn. Goto work. Be productive for 8 hours. Go home. Eat. Relax.


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Definitely depends for me which day of the week.... Currently I'm a full time student but also working in a city bout an hour and a half away for ~23h a week... SO:
MWF I get up a bit earlier than @Eric here and drive to work for a hopefully productive day. Then if its wednesday, leave work a bit early ~3:30ish and go to a couple hour ethics in IS class >.< before driving back home ~9p

for those other days, TR I stay on campus for a lovely set of 4 classes. - Could be worse!

Generally I try to make the most of my time, nearly always a cygwin/ssh session open back home. On the times that I don't have work or school stuff going on, I have some side projects both coding (learning node.js, php etc) and social shenanigans. :)
Its the start of my day right now and so far the most exciting thing that I have done was use the toilet. Now I am sitting around waiting for the Refrigerator repair people to come around and debating if I should play 'Starcraft II' or 'The Sims 4' until then.


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So far I've sleep in and rested because I have a cold and there's two feet of snow outside (just because the streets are plowed does not mean I want to leave the house). I've tended to the fire, taken a nice bath, and played with my dog for a bit. So far today has been pretty good, even though it's still kind of boring. I think that I'm going to check the forums that I go on regularly, then play something on Steam. I haven't done that in a while.
Was at work all day engulfed in the wonderful aroma of raw sewage as maintanance repaired our pipes. I swear it stuck to my clothes so came home and immediately sanitized.


Woke up, fired up an emulator, played some Pokemon, ate a bit, played with my cat, ate again, played some more, went on FB, posted here. Now I plan on firing up WoW and playing a bit for old time's sake.
Just got up an around, putting my big-boy pants and doing all the household chores, cleaning the nasty bathroom area (try living with people and having friends over that don't know the meaning of "Aim") and then I'm going to try working online some more so I can eat something today. Five bucks min cashout? Got some work to do. At least that buys my missing bread and eggs (have the milk) and I can have some frenchtoast or scrambled eggs or something slightly more filling then ramen day in and out.

Sucks being in a very, very rural area. Jobs are limited. No buses or public transport anywhere. Four feet of snow and ice everywhere. Man, I wanna move somewhere tropical.
Woke up. Started trying to make more money online to stop myself from being homeless yet again. I really need to move somewhere tropical so when I indeed go homeless again at least there are benches and a beach with a view. Instead of snow covered forests and negative degree weather.

Gunna find something to munch on soon and go back to work. Take a break in four hours, watch some anime and game a sec, and then back to work (or lack thereof - trying to find paying online sites that work - thats the hassle)

Other than that, day is wide open.
I woke up and went to a few classes. After that, I went to the gym and then did some online work. I finished the day off by playing some Binding of Isaac, so I'd say it was a pretty groovin' day. It was a nice mixture of productivity and fun, sometimes at the same time.
@Shimus What do you do to make money online? Surveys, Mturk, SEO, Blog, etc.
I would have done Mturk, but I got something from amazon payments not authorizing me so they wouldn't allow it. I would do it, though. My friends all do and highly recommend it. But they won't let me. Sigh.

I am trying to find a better site than forum posting I admit, and try to find some real money - but I haven't cut through all the non-legit bullcrap. I don't know what sites pay and what don't been browsing awhile compiling data and then I'm going to give it a solid run. Not to say I don't like forum posting; I just don't think I should have to charge other people money to help their sites get better. Makes me feel kinda like a mooch.

Today I just did more of the same. Trying to make money. But I also got caught up to current in the TV show, "The 100" - it's very fantastic.
Mostly I have been programming on my game, an ASCII Roguelike/RPG-thingy. I have a running build in C++11 for Linux but I decided in January to port it all over to C#. It has an extensive scripting/modding engine with scripts formerly written in Lua. Currently I am porting these scripts over to C#, which takes quite a while with around 2000 scripts. The engine itself is finished porting though, so once I am done with the scripts I can finally fire it up again.
I'd like to see your game after you have an alpha for it. Seems like that would be 'my cup of tea' and pretty fun to boot.

Today I woke up, read some posts about others who were in my same situation (jobless with no money) and I decided to not let it get me down - already found five new promising leads I have to follow up on and eliminate one by one if they don't work. Better than sitting doing nothing. I'll keep searching until I hit something that pays. Gotta have that drive.

Went to a friends, played some Tiger Woods golf with him (sport games are his thing, played madden too) and just came back up to continue to search.
Eventful day, threw in some applications after I went out and about, filled even more online . Gunna call and harass them until I either get the job or they get sick of me. Either way I would have tried. Better than sitting idling.

Other than that, back to workin' and then I'ma go to sleep and rinse and repeat.


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Stormy Days(HC)
Eventful day, threw in some applications after I went out and about, filled even more online . Gunna call and harass them until I either get the job or they get sick of me. Either way I would have tried. Better than sitting idling.

Other than that, back to workin' and then I'ma go to sleep and rinse and repeat.
monster.com, linkedin.com.

Good sites.