Which Consoles Do You Currently Own That Still Work?

Hello again,

Thought it might be fun to see how many people would reply to this post. As the title asked "Which consoles do you currently own that still work" I have multiple old school consoles, that actually still work without banging on them. lol. :p

In my current collection I have, a an original Nintendo ( with duck hunt and the original gun that came with it! ) , Super Nintendo, Sega, Nintendo 64, PS1, (which works most of the time) with an Atari on the way. I won my bid on the Atari about 30 minutes ago, great way to wake up :)

What ones do you own?
We had a PS1, PS2, Sega Genesis, and a Family Computer. The Sega and the PS2 still works. I have to lay the other consoles to rest. Most of my childhood was spent on the PS1. I recall the times when my mother got angry at me when I played too much. My usual reply was...let me save!

I do not have that many games on my PS2, but they were fun. It helped me pass time in between study sessions. This thread is definitely making me so nostalgic. I am not old, but I suddenly feel old. haha.


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I wish I could have kept some of my older systems, but I was small and dumb and decided to trade them in for better games not thinking of the future. Haha.

Right now I own:
  • 2 3Ds
  • PS Vita
  • Playstation 2
  • Gameboy Advance
  • Xbox 360
  • 6 computers, 3 dedicated to gaming (You can never have too many, I suppose)
I also own a cat, but that's not quite a gaming console as a gaming console destroyer.
A Playstation 2, Gameboy/Gameboy Color/Advance SP, all of which still work. Sometimes I go back to my SP to play a bit of Golden Sun. And I remember my dad use to play on his Gameboy a lot, and we still have the game cartridges for it like Super Mario Land 2, Mortal Kombat, Tetris and Asteroids.
Sadly, the only one I have that still works is my PS2. I wasn't "allowed" to play video games until I was roughly 13 or so, so my first console was a PS2. I saved up for an entire year to get one. :D


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Most of my old Gameboys don't work anymore. The PS2 is still working, as are the all the newer generations o_O. I don't think that there's ever been a console that was known to break quickly, I might be wrong though.
Most of my old Gameboys don't work anymore. The PS2 is still working, as are the all the newer generations o_O. I don't think that there's ever been a console that was known to break quickly, I might be wrong though.
Try Xbox 360. I am now on my third Xbox 360 where as my original Nintendo still works. I make sure my systems are always clean and still have issues. Got to love how companies went from making quality products to systems that break so easily. The older systems seemed to have been built to stand the test of time. lol. :)
WELL I have a NES, SNES, XBOX, PSONE, Playstation, Xbox 360... oh and I have 2 Wiis... however one has a zip drive that does not work... Apparently my son thought it was a cookie drive....
N64, gamecube, ps3 current firmware, ps3 3.55 kmeaw CFW, ps2, psp, ps vita, gameboy color, gameboy advance, gameboy advance sp, 3dsXL, 1 Ultimate gaming PC.
Family computer, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Wii, Atari, GB Colour, GB Advance, GB Advance SP, DS, DSLite, 3DS. I'm probably forgetting a couple, but that's what I can remember off the top of my head.
I currently own a Nintendo 64 and a Gameboy Colour, and both of them are in near mint condition. It goes to show how I take decent care in my consoles and the games they come with.
In the past I have tended to be the unluckiest man alive when it comes to consoles, all the way through from the zx spectrum (I know its a computer and not a console) through to the Sega master system, megadrive, gameboy, ps1, 2, 3 have all broken on me and have had to be returned or replaced. Being the owner now of a ps4 which I purchased a little over 3 months ago, I have now got to return this as well as its not reading the hard drive properly.
So, the simple answer to the question is...NONE OF THEM! I don't even have a modern console that works, never mind an old one...
PS2, SNES, NES, a crud ton of older Gameboys that I haven't sold off yet, PC and laptop. I'm pretty fickle about keeping them in moderated climates and when stored often have cheesecloth with rice to regulate humidity.
I currently still use my xbox 360 I got from quite a while ago. I actually prefer the 360 to the new xbox one. It was a simpler time back then, nowadays people are watching tv shows on their consoles...like...there's a TV for that lol