If you are seeing this page, it is because you are interested in joining one of my public-facing game servers. If that is the case, details are below.

The majority of this information is unlisted to the public to keep the overall amount of traffic lower. I don’t have the time or energy to administrate a large gaming server these days.


Since, I am often either working, or busy on other tasks, I am not actually online playing on my server(s) very often. However, if you visit me on Discord @ https://discord.gg/gncCn88

and TAG me, ie, @XtremeOwnage I will usually respond very quickly.

So, if one of my servers are down, or there are critical issues, please do let me know ASAP!


FTB: OceanBlock


This is a completely stock, out of the box server running FTB Ocean Block v1.11.0


  1. Don’t be an asshat.
  2. Don’t grief.
  3. Don’t break the server.
  4. Play the game, and be nice.

If, you do notice these rules being broken, please let me know on Discord.

If instead, your goal IS to grief the server, do note, I will just rollback any and all damage you may have caused, ban your entire IP range from all services hosted under xtremeownage.com, and…. block your minecraft UUID from any and all current/future servers hosted by xtremeownage.com. This process is more or less completely automated, and usually takes around 30 seconds out of my day. So. don’t be an asshat. 🙂


  • Daily backups.
  • The server WILL goto “sleep” after it has been empty for a while. If you join, and it tells you the server it is waking up, please wait a couple minutes for it to start.

How to Join

Server IP: ftb.xtremeownage.com

Other Servers

If there is interest in setting up other mod packs, or servers for other games… let me know. I have a pretty significant amount of spare resources, and wouldn’t mind hosting a random server or two, assuming the resources are being utilized.