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    I have had my 2004 silverado since 2008, and it has seen quite a bit of action.

    It started life as a 4.8L v8, with ~300hp.

    I also added a touch screen in-dash GPS / radio, remote start, automatic door locks, a CB, and some other fun toys.
    It also had a 2400 watt amp with a rockford fosgate T-2.
    Since, I enjoy going fast, within two years of obtaining it, I installed a supercharger on it, as well as a custom exhaust system. Shortly after, I blew up the transmission.
    Here is a video:

    So, After I drove it for a few more years, I ended up melting a few pistons...

    Normal Piston:

    #6 and #8

    So, by this time, I decide to go all out and rebuild the truck piece by piece.

    The first step was to get rid of the old...

    And build up the new.
    ^ 390ci LQ9.

    So, once I acquired a new engine and transmission.... It was time to get started.
    The transmission is a TCI 6x warranted at 1200hp.

    So, lets toss all of this in!

    And, lets get it fired up!

    Stay tuned for part 2!
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    • 6.0L LQ9 Block - Bored .030 over
    • K1 3.900 Forged Crankshaft
    • Callis Compstar Rods
    • CP Bullet Pistons -15cc domes
    • Clevite Bearings
    • Trick Flow LS Dual Roller Springs
    • ARP Head Studs
    • Manley Pushrods
    • Lunati Cam 232/238 duration .598/.600 lift 113 LSA
    • LS7 Lifters
    • JP Performance Billet Double Roller Timing Chain
    • SLP Heavy Duty Oil Pump
    • CTS-V Oil Pan
    • Holley Hi-Ram Intake
    Fuel / Computer:
    • Injector Dynamics ID1000
    • Holley HP EFI
    Forced Induction:
    • Single Turbo GT4202 Currently
    • TCI SFI-Flexplate
    • TCI 6x
    • TCI Torque Converter ~3200-3600 stall

    So, at this point, I decided to make the decision to go ALL OUT instead of just making another fast truck.

    There are 3 things you need to go fast.
    1. Less Weight
    2. More Power
    3. Traction to put down the power.

    The engine was built to sustain 1000hp, so, power is not a issue at this point. So, lets start with #1. Less weight.

    The Radio? Who needs a radio when you have the sound of AMERICA being blown flying out an open exhaust!

    The interior? Gone!
    A/C, Heat, and cushy interiors are for pussies anyways. The only AC i need is the AMERICAN 2-70 model.
    (2 windows down, 70mph)

    Stripping the interior saved quite a bit of weight.

    Time to strip some weight under the hood.
    If the part does not exist to make you go faster, then, you don't need it.

    Lets strip some more weight.
    The factory wiring harness and computer? Meh, don't need those. We are going all out, remember?
    Interior panels, exterior panels.... random pieces of plastic? Extra weight.

    Since, you do need relays and fuses for your lights, blinker, and vehicle to work, I got busy with a soldering iron and some sheet metal and came up with this.
    20141027_210248.jpg 20141027_210306.jpg 20141023_194743.jpg

    Does the job, doesn't weight much, and is waterproof. Job well done.
    Even looks a bit pretty.

    Also, I am aiming for a 10 second quarter mile. The procharger P1SC will not cut it. Sold.
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    So, a bit of work done on the interior, before wiring started.

    Acquired a replacement for the P1sc.

    Acquired a new intake and injectors.

    And, had it all put togather.
  4. Eric

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    Fuel pump and regulator installed.


  5. Eric

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    Intercooler mounted, cold side in progress.

    20171211_164812.jpg 20171211_164816.jpg 20171211_164822.jpg 20171211_164930.jpg

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