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WarBOT – Future

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WarBOT was a discord bot developed around the mobile game, Hustle Castle. It was initially created to assist with managing discord functionality and to manage roles, loot, and providing reminders for members to join into wars.

Currently- The bot is alive, with a reasonable community consisting of around 370 discord guilds, containing a total of over 14,000 members.


If you are looking for support on the bot, we have a few resources available to assist you.

GitHub – Support, FAQ, Directions, Features

First of all, is our GitHub page, where you can find the most up to date guide on how to setup and configure the bot. As well, this is where you can submit new feature requests.

Discord – Support Chat

Next up, is the WarBOT discord support server. In here, you are able to receive further assistance. If you wish to drop in, click the below link.

How to add the bot

Simply click this link:

Future Plans

Currently- There are none! Other then keeping the bot up and running.

It wouldn’t be feasible for us to complete with some of the other well established bots who can provide some of the same role management capabilities.

As well- WarBOT is provided for free. I receive no commissions, advertising, or any other form of funding to work on the project. I don’t ask anything from you, except to feedback if you have some.

With that said, anybody is free to submit a pull request to the GitHub repository above to expand the bot. As long as your code is worthy, I will submit the build requests, run the unit tests, and publish your code to production(After a bake-in period in the development environment). If anybody did want to take this route, I am more than happy to provide support, in our support server.

As well- the bot will remain active as long as it is utilized.